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Forward App is designed to live up to its name - to keep you going forward towards your goals!

With stylish yet simple interface and only necessary features, you can set healthy routines, goals and tasks for daily, weekly and monthly basis. You can also decide if you do your goals and to do’s multiple times in a day. It has never been more easier to create habits that stick! The more you use it - the better you see your progress in in the streak page.

Stay motivated and focused with your personal goals! Productivity is sometimes hard to achieve but Forward is here for you and your personal growth journey.

Forward is ideal for you if you:
• have hard time keeping a habit or quit one
• you have too many to do’s at once and cannot prioritize them
• sometimes loose focus on your personal goals and targets
• feel unmotivated and can’t see the progress of your goals

Forward is FREE TO USE without annoying ads! The free version of Forward allows you to create 3 habits/goals. For more than 3, you can either choose a wallet friendly Forward Premium or unlike most other apps, purchase 1 goal at a time without any other commitments.

Forward free allows you to:
• set and track goals on a daily, weekly or monthly basis
• set a task to be repeated multiple times a day
• customize your habits from a range of colors - visualize your targets!
• edit and delete your list of tasks
• set a reminder for each habit
• see your progress over time with each goal/task
• log and see habit activity with seamless Apple Watch integration

Forward PREMIUM offers:
• unlimited amount of goals

===All your ideas, feedback and suggestions are always welcome===
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Sebastian Kumor