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PlaneCalc is your new co-pilot. This allows you to do all the calculations you need to do before your flights. Whether you are a young pilot or not, this application will help you with your flights.

This application directly offers 4 planes: Cessna 150, Cessna 172, DA20 and the Piper J3. You can later add more via our PlaneGallery.

What calculations can you do with the app?

MASS: The mass of your aircraft is critical to whether you can take off safely. Depending on the aircraft chosen in the application, you can simply calculate the weight of it with the configuration of the day (Number of passengers & quantity of fuel *).

WIND: With its interactive compass, it will be easy and instantaneous to calculate your drift as well as your crosswind component in order to know your ground speed.

FUEL: By indicating the distance of your flight, the app will tell you how much fuel to take with you. Depending on your country, you may or may not include a regulatory reservation.

Widget: Thanks to the widget, you will be able to keep an eye on your last results without having to return to the application.

Watch: With your watch, you will be able to calculate the mass of your aircraft before your flight.

Siri: It will be easy to ask him how much fuel you will need for your flight. Set a word to have Siri ask the app directly to do the math.

PlaneGallery: If your plane is not in the 4 that the application offers, you will probably be able to buy it in PlaneGallery.

The application and content may be different depending on your country.
*: The regulatory quantity is only available in France (it is 30min).

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