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PRAISE-HK EXP is the upgraded version of PRAISE-HK App developed by Institute for the Environment, HKUST.
In addition to the features provided in PRAISE-HK App, the upgrade brings a timely analysis of air pollution exposure and provides suggestions on how to mitigate the health risks stemming from it. PRAISE-HK EXP also integrates a cleaner routes suggestion feature, helping you plan a journey with better air quality.

Key features:
+ Outdoor real-time air quality information down to the street in Hong Kong
+ 48-hour air quality forecast
+ Forecast videos to understand the interactions between pollutant emission and their transport by the weather systems
+ Concerned location bookmarks
+ Health recommendation and push notification of air quality at specific locations
+ Daily pollution exposure review
+ Cleaner routes suggestion

** NOTE: Location tracking in My Exposure is still in testing phase. Occasionally, you may find mistakes of the tracked locations, particularly in dense urban areas. For example, it may show you at the street that you in fact at another nearby. While we are upgrading our system, you can improve the accuracy by turning off Battery Saving or Device Only mode. **
The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology