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Today’s champions invest in both mental and physical training.
And we’ve made it possible for you to train your brain like an elite athlete.

Alphabeats uses music to guide your breathing and induce a flow state of deep focus.
When athletes master their mind, they master their performance.

Let’s see what you’re capable of.

While you're listening to your favourite music, we apply a gentle audio layer that continuously responds to both the music you’re listening to and the biofeedback signals we're measuring (such as breathing and heart-rate patterns). This process trains your body and brain to relax and slide into the alpha-state, also known as a flow state..

All you need is ten minutes of me-time and an Apple Music premium account. If you own an Apple Watch or EliteHRV CorSense device, you can connect your wearable to track your breathing and heart-rate patterns. No worries if you don’t have a smartwatch though: Alphabeats was specially designed to work with your phone.

> Apple Music integration for instant access to your favorite music
> An active breathing coach to optimize your relaxation
> A binaural feedback layer
> Song and playlist recommendations
> Continuous measurement of heart-rate and/or breathing patterns
> Breathing measurement by simply using your phone
> Integration with Apple Watch and EliteHRV CorSense
> Dashboard to track your relaxation progress over time
> Insights into your vitality measurements
> Music profile to learn which types of music help you relax optimally
> Gentle reminders and notifications
> A dark mode to encourage relaxation and sleepiness

With your consent, Alphabeats will be able to integrate the vitality data from your HealthKit (e.g. heart rate data) to provide you with a deeper understanding of the quality of your relaxation per session.

Alphabeats helps you track your progress, keep up a mindful routine, and reduce stress levels each day, every day.

Use us anytime, anywhere, with any music
Alphabeats Works B.V.