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You never know how much money you still have for the current month?
You have to calculate it every time, because your banking app only shows the current account balance, but ignores the outstanding transactions?

And are you fed up with this arithmetic once and for all?

Then OhMyMoney is exactly THE app you need.

Why? Very easily:
it always shows you exactly how much money you have left at any time!
It is fast, very easy to use and still looks damn good.
Once set up, you can add new expenses with just one click and the app will immediately calculate your remaining balance.

Forget the other apps. These are usually too packed, too complicated and too cumbersome to use.
Take OhMyMoney, enter your income and fixed costs once, categorize your expenses and that's all you have to do. The app does it all, month after month.

What does OhMyMoney offer you?

- Immediate display of the remaining money that you still have available for the current month on a nicely prepared overview page. Here your income, your fixed costs and your expenses are listed and offset directly.

- Predefined groups for your income, fixed costs and regular expenses

- Self-defining category groups for your expenses (such as purchases, gas or pets). So you can separate them all and you get a much better overview.

- iOS 14 Homescreen widgets that show you your groups and with just one click you can immediately add new expenses without having to open the app every time. IOS 14.1 or higher is required to use the iOS14 widgets.

- Automatic transfer of your remaining money at a change of month. So you don't have to remember at the end of the month how much money you still had in your account. No, OhMyMoney will automatically transfer it and save it in your income group. So don't worry if you forget to look into the app at the end of the month!

- Monthly statistics of all expenses for the current and last month, but also annual statistics for all past months, nicely presented in various charts. So you can easily compare the expenses of the current month with those of the last month, or see an approximate trend of how much money you are spending in each group per month.

- Separate saving function in which you can define a savings goal and record every money you put aside for it.

- Separate budget function. You can use it to create a budget, such as the vacation fund, and there you can record all costs during your vacation that have nothing to do with your actual expenses.

- Create your own design! Choose from all possible colors and combine them to your personal background.

- Feedback function. Have you found a bug or have you suggestions for improvement? Then write to me directly from the app and let me know!

- No registration required, no internet required. You can use the app at any time and don't have to worry about losing your data.

- Automatic backup in the iCloud. You can activate the backup function in the settings under iCloud and the app creates a backup in the background for you at regular intervals. So if you ever need to restore your iPhone, your data is backed up. These are also taken with you when you transfer them to a new device and are not lost.

What do you have to do?

- Enter your income and fixed costs once.
- Categorize your expenses once and create groups.
- Activate widgets or place them on the home screen.

Finish. So easy. So fast.
Julian Golz