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Hale - Breathing Aid
is an application that serves as first aid for people who is feeling panic and/or anxious. Hale is available both in iPhone and the Apple Watch for the complete experience.

Hale’s main features:
- Breathing
With this feature, you can start breathing using the 4-7-8 pattern, which is one of the most common and effective breathing techniques. You can also adjust the cycle based on your needs.

- Personalize
With Hale, you can also customize the breathing patterns as you prefer to, and set them as your favorite pattern. We also want the users to have the best breathing experience they can have, which is why we provide the options to use several cues, such as haptic, audio, customizable ambiance, and visual animation.

- Emergency Contact
If your panic won’t go away and you need someone talking to you. You can also add a number of your close family or friends to become your emergency contact. Then, just click and call in one go.

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Try Hale now and exhale your panic away.

Reach us on:
email: [email protected]
Kenji Surya Utama