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2FA Hub

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2FA Hub

2FA Hub is designed to create and transfer 2FA TOTP accounts to Apple, Fitbit, Samsung or WearOS smartwatches. After transition is completed, iPhone is no longer required to generate a token, since it could be taken directly from a targeted watch device.

All recent Fitbit, Apple, many Samsung and WearOS smartwatches are supported. A free application will be required to connect to a Fitbit device or Samsung device. You can find all information about the application and Fitbit, Samsung or WearOS watches integration options in the wiki referenced by "Support URL"

2FA Hub can be also used as a generic 2FA token generator independently of your smartwatch devices. It includes useful features such as:

1. Account backups to local iPhone filesystem, iCloud or Google Drive storage.
2. Support for different crypto algorithms and for variable token lengths
3. Data protection utilizing Apple's Key Chain API and strong cryptographic algorithms on iPhone or iWatch devices

Backup feature takes advantage of password based encryption, which makes backups portable between different platforms. Legacy backups created by another mobile application described in "Support URL" can be used by this app to import your existing legacy accounts from a different platform.

More smartwatches will be supported by the app in the future, but we need you support and positive feedback to make it happen
Oleg Gryb