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His Dark Materials

by HBO
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His Dark Materials

by HBO
In His Dark Materials, everyone has a daemon -- an animal companion that is the embodiment of your soul.

You've always wondered what your daemon would be. Now you can find out

- Your daemon is always on your side, encouraging you to live your best life.

- Each animal is exquisitely rendered in 3D and AR.

- 80 unique combinations of animal, personality, and coloration.

Bring your daemon into your world, and take photos and video to share with your friends. They are where you are!

- Each animal has cute, funny, and unexpected animations to unlock.

- Place your daemon in the real world, and use their animations to react to your surroundings.

- Unleash your creativity -- then share photos and video of your daemon with friends!

Journey through the His Dark Materials worlds, and earn AR badges to share.

- At every step of a Journey, you'll do curated tasks to experience the characters' struggles and triumphs.

- Learn and grow with Iorek, Serafina Pekkala, Lee Scoresby, and more.


Connect with your daemon on the go! Our Apple Watch integration lets you see how you're doing and get activity suggestions without even pulling out your phone.


On supported devices, we ask for permission to read Health other app data to determine completion of activities, and to award progress even when no specific activity has been chosen. You can always manually complete an activity if you’re not comfortable sharing with us.