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iiidea Player

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iiidea Player

*A network connection is required to use this app.

Riiiver is an IoT platform that connects products and services, expanding their possibilities, and providing a new kind of user experience.
*Limited to Riiiver compatible products and services 

~~About iiidea~~
An iiidea is a function created in the Riiiver app. By using the Riiiver app, users can easily give shape to their ideas and share them with other users.

~~Enjoy Riiiver on your Smartphone~~
The iiidea Player app enables the use of iiidea on your smartphone, even if you don’t have a Riiiver-compatible device at hand. You can enjoy Riiiver anytime just by downloading iiidea from the iiidea Store within this app.

~~Connect to your Apple Watch~~
Simply transfer iiidea from the iiidea Player app to your Apple Watch and use them from the watch app.

iiidea Player is compatible with watchOS 6.2 or later.
iiidea Player is not compatible with the 1st generation Apple Watches. 

~~The structure of Riiiver~~
In Riiiver, functions are called “iiidea.” They are assembled from the three types of Pieces: T, S, and A.

Example: An iiidea that automatically sends a pre-set message

 • T: a Piece that triggers an action
  o E.g., an area-based trigger – when you’re 100m away from the office
 • S: a Piece that delivers or provides a service
  o E.g., an email sender – a pre-set message is sent to those specified
 • A: a Piece that outputs the service results
  o E.g., a smartphone notification – a service result is displayed on your smartphone

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