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by Rivvy
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by Rivvy
Rivvy will be the personal trainer of the people and for the people who have given their heart to a healthy and more fit lifestyle. Rivvy is suitable for any environment and ready to help you reach all your fitness goals.

Why Rivvy?
We designed Rivvy as a next generation fitness app. Today, most popular fitness apps play a short clip showing you the move or position, then leaving it up to you to figure it out from there. This left potential for missing out on important moves and proper form. On the other hand, Rivvy detects your moves and only moves on as you perform the exercises.

How Does It Work?
Rivvy’s AI model can recognize more than 60 different exercises by tracking more than 20 joints on the user using the front camera. Rivvy processes all the necessary calculations to ensure you are doing the exercise in a correct way in real-time. Those calculations can include the distance between body parts, the degrees between joints, the distance from the floor, and much more. Rivvy uses advanced algorithms developed by our engineers to provide highest accuracy. Besides, you can switch to the ordinary timer-based workout system at any time, which we also support.

How to Use Rivvy?
Firstly, choose a workout plan according to your body goal. When you are ready to do your first workout, position your device on a height between your head and waist, such as a table or a chair. Make sure you move away enough so the camera can see your whole body. Now, you are ready to follow the exercise videos of our professional trainers.

- Play your Apple Music playlists while working out.

- Track how many calories you burn more appropriately by using our watch app during workout sessions.

- Check your completed workouts and detailed stats from our stats tab.

Using HealthKit, Rivvy calculates calories accurately, syncing workout information with Apple Health, and allows you to control your workout sessions with Apple Watch.

Rivvy is 100% free to use and comes with various free exercises. However, if you decide to try Rivvy Premium, it is still much more economical than a regular gym membership.

By using Rivvy Premium;
- You can access all exercises and plans. Get in shape faster by working your whole body with tailored activities.

- You can access your detailed history and check which sessions contributed to your body.

- We save your history on cloud storage, so you never lose your progress.

- You can see how Rivvy actually works in real-time by seeing the AI skeleton of your body.

Rivvy Premium Subscription Pricing and Terms

Rivvy Premium offers the following auto-renewing subscription:
Monthly: $7.99 with 7 days free trial
Annually: $57.99 with 7 days free trial
(40% discount on annual purchase)

These prices are for users in the United States. Prices may vary depending on the country of residence and may be converted to the local currency.

Your subscription automatically renews if not canceled at least 24 hours before the end of the current subscription period. You can deactivate automatic renewal at any time from your Apple account settings, but refunds will not be provided for any unused portion of the term. By purchasing, you accept our Terms of Use ( and Privacy Policy (

Do you have further questions about Rivvy? Contact us at [email protected]