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Race Analytix

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Race Analytix

Race Analytix is ​​a mobile app that collects, stores and analyzes all data from one ride on its cloud with the help of scientifically methodologically conceived software.
With this Race Analytix represents huge data in motorsport.

Analyzing in real time psychomotor data from the pilot, vehicle data, video and other collected telemetry data, using scientific methods, they are stored in the cloud, which can be used for comparative analysis anytime anywhere.
For this purpose Race Analytix has integrated and uses the HealthKit or CareKit APIs for the first time to enable comparative analysis between health work and vehicle performance, in a unit of time accompanied by a video.

With this feature in analytics you can watch the video and in milliseconds to see how your body behaves in terms of pulse and calories in relation to the functional characteristics of the vehicle at the same time as G forces, horizontal and vertical denivelation, as well as the speed of movement.
At the same time it gives the opportunity to share your analytics directly on your social networks, as well as your team, manager, mechanic, doctor, coach, family members and others.