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Classes helps medical students organise their learning, so you can pass exams and become safe, competent doctors.

It allows you to organise your learning and revision, so you can easily see everything you need to learn and optimise your studying time by prioritising lessons needing the most work.

Keep useful information at your fingertips and ensure you don’t forget to study anything.
• Add all your lessons and learning outcomes, so you can browse everything in one place.
• Share lessons with other people on your course
• Use customisable, colorful tags, enabling you to organise lessons in a way that works best for you.
• Add links to useful resources, such as lecture slides, research articles, and your notes.
• Organise lessons across multiple classes, allowing you to keep content in different exams separate.
• Everything is synced automatically over iCloud to all of your devices

Optimise your time by prioritising what is most important.

1. Writing Notes Checklist
Tick off your lessons as you go to them or watch them, ensuring you don’t fall behind. Tick off the learning outcomes when you write notes for them so you have up-to-date material.

2. Retrospective Timetable
This technique involves dynamically changing your study plan to prioritise topics which need the most work. Whenever you study a lesson, note down what you did, next steps, and self-evaluate how well you know it using a simple traffic light system.

When you are about to study, you can then see at a glance which lessons require the most studying at that current point in time. This helps you focus on topics you aren’t as confident in.
Nicholas Baughan