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Personal biorhythms. Lunar calendar. Tattva clock. Chinese body clock. Sun zodiac sign. Solstices and equinoxes. Threatened organs.

Widget. Spoken word. Scheduling based on multiple influences with the option to share or add to your calendar. Battery friendly. Works without Wi-Fi and mobile data.

You can find everything at a glance. This mobile application, watch application and widget is intended for everyone who uses astrology and esotericism in everyday life. It is about connecting old truths and modern technologies.

The past is past and what will happen, you can change right now. Perhaps the application will bring you not only fun, but also easier decision making.

The most important is the exact time of sunrise and noon in your locality, which this application takes into account. Tattva clocks are processed according to sunrise and organ clocks according to astronomical noon in your locality.

Be constantly informed about the influence of the Moon, the current tattva in your locality, the active and resting organ according to the Chinese organ clock, your current biorhythms or the influence of the Sun using a mobile application, widgets or directly in your Apple watch.

Do you need to know the influence of tattvas on your everyday life and plan important events according to them? Improve your skills with current biorhythms? Let the Moon help you work in the garden? Stop the complex analysis on your own and let the application tell you the essentials.

This application was created using the knowledge of Michal Čurgali, who is actively involved in esoteric for more than twenty years. He previously worked as a military supersonic pilot or senior manager in a multinational company. He no longer leads a hurried active life. He gives lectures on esoteric and is engaged in his small business. He recommends this application to anyone who wants to live life to the fullest, to have a successful life and to use the power of nature.

REMINDER: Remember that you don't have to follow astrology, esoteric or any advice in this application at all costs, always trust doctors and specialists first and foremost! In many cases, you are the only architect of your own happiness. There is no scientific evidence that astrology and esotericism work. Try to be in a positive mood. Don't wait for luck, do something for it.

WARNING: The information provided in the application may not be accurate. We are not liable for any losses or consequences caused by decisions based on the information in applications or widgets. Use of applications and its components is at your own risk. The responsibility for decisions based on the information provided in applications and their other components lies solely with you.

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Special thanks to the authors of the background images and photography:
- – Fred Fokkelman, Ryan Goldman, Sundeip Arora (Sun Designs)
- – Alexander Andrews, David Billings, Eberhard Grossgasteiger, Vincent Guth, Josh Miller, Jake Weirick
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