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Drink Water

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Drink Water

The best app to help you track your water consumption and get reminders, day by day !

Creating a good habit of drinking water helps you improve your health in many ways (loose weight, get fit, better skin, better sleep) and feel better.
You may download the application if
- you're on a diet and need to drink water to help you to lose weight
- you workout and fitness and you need to drink water to stay hydrated
- you're fasting and you need to be reminded to drink water

You can see your current water fill visually and in percents so you will instantly know how well you are hydrated!

Free features
- Based on your profile, the app calculates how much you should drink per day
- Free reminders so you never forget to drink
- Easily add your water consumption
- Access your weekly data
- Support Imperial unit (fl. oz.) and Metric unit (ml, cl, l)
- Change your daily goal
- Light / Dark theme

Premium features
- Access your full data history in order to improve your health habits
- Edit your history intake
- Use the Apple Watch extension to add your water intake
- Synchronization with Health app

- You can subscribe for this app to get access to premium features
- Subscription options are: 1 month, 1 year

Drink Water uses HealthKit in order to record drinking data to Nutrition section in Health application, only for Premium users who subscribe to the service. The app requests to the following data types : Water. If you are a Premium user, when you add a drink to the app, it automatically synchronize with the Health app. The synchronization with Apple Health can be switched off in the application settings.

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