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Hästens Restore®

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Hästens Restore®

We are living in a world where stress and a hectic pace are ruling our lives. The sad thing is that most of us think this is normal or that we have to live this kind of life. On the other hand, science is finding that stress is one of the main causes of chronic disease. The good news is that new research in science shows more and more evidence that becoming more relaxed and getting a deep restful sleep is critical for our brain and body to heal and regenerate. At Hästens, we call this process: RESTORE.

Hästens Restore® is carefully and scientifically designed thinking of you. We use special sounds and music to calm and relax your system during the day and ensure a deep refreshing sleep at night.

Hästens Restore offers mood changing soundtracks in categories for your every goal; Waking up, Tuning up, Joy & Confidence, Gratitude, Focus & Concentration, Creativity, Relaxation, and Sleep.

Waking up 

Wake up with the right mindset to take on a new day! Enhance your daily experience by starting your day with energizing soundtracks that motivate you to make the most of another great day.

Tuning up – Energizing

Feel the rush run through your veins and regain your energy. When the 4 o’clock slump hits it is time to tune up again and keep going. You got this!

Joy & Confidence

Getting ready for a work interview or about to go on a new date? This is the soundtrack to get your confidence level up and believe in yourself. Because you are awesome!


Take a moment every day to think about all the things that you feel grateful for. This soundtrack will let you pause and reflect on your life to feel happy, balanced and grateful.

Focus & Concentration 

Block out the noise and stress of your everyday life for a moment and restore focus and concentration. Let the sounds calm your mind to focus on your goals and increase productivity.

Are you stuck in a rut? These soundtracks will get your creative flow going! Optimize your energy, raise your vibrations and increase your creativity.


After a hectic day or a stressful morning, you need to take a moment to pause and relax. Block out the noise, reduce stress and find peace of mind. A perfect soundtrack for your daily meditation.


Sleep better, live better. Increase the quality of your sleep and live a happier, healthier life. Fall asleep peacefully and say good night to all thoughts of worry. Zzzz...

Download Hästens Restore for free and start living a happier, healthier life. 
We recommend a low to medium volume and the use of headphones for the ultimate experience.
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