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PhotoWidget is the easiest app to use when decorating your iPhone and iPad home screens. From simple widgets to complex app icon changes, you can quickly do them all with PhotoWidget.

PhotoWidget is ranked No.1 in Korea-Japan-Thailand within 3 days of launching, No.3 in the United States and within the Top 10 in 150 countries with over 40 million users!

PhotoWidget provides a free service, subscriptions for a Premium version (for high-quality themes made by designers and ad-removal), and offers 3 widget sizes for iPhones and 4 widget sizes for iPads.

◆ Theme: The all-in-one setup with recommended widgets, icons, and wallpapers!
◆ Home screen Widget: Set up Photo / Countdown / Horoscope / Battery / Calendar / Time / Text / To Do / Apps / Lock Screen Widgets!
◆ Lock screen: Dynamic widget / Inline widget / Shortcut widget / Photo widget / Battery widget / Calendar widget / Text widget / To do widget / Countdown widget / Horoscope widget
◆ iPad and Apple Watch Face decorations available!

Decorate your home screen and lock screen with your personal photos or albums, your favorite celebrities, idols, KPOP groups, or even your favorite game, manga, or anime characters! Customize your screen the way you want and how you want it. The ultimate customizing power is in your hands! (PhotoWidget is a home screen widget that applies to iOS14, iOS15, iOS16, iOS17)

◆ Photo Widget Premium Subscription
- You can subscribe to use all premium content in Photo Widget and remove ads.
- Subscription is charged monthly or yearly according to the subscription plan.

◆ Apply for Best PhotoWidget
- You can apply for Best PhotoWidget 24 hours a day in the [Explore] tab! Meet friends from all over the world with Best PhotoWidget and compete to see who decorates your phone prettier!
(Winners get announced every Tuesday (KST).)

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