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Long distance relationships can be hard. That’s why we created LoveTap, the next best thing to feeling as connected as you can, while being apart.

Free of ads or pesky and unnecessary sign-ins, each phone gets a unique code which you then send to your partner. Input your partner’s code into your phone and voila, you’re instantly connected. Holding down on the shape in the middle of your screen at the same time triggers a synchronous beating pattern that unites you, which you can both see and feel. You can also let your partner know you need them, right through the app, by sending them a notification. You can also turn on Friends Mode to save as many friends as you'd like, and connect with each of them in turn.

LoveTap’s main goal is to get you to feel as connected as possible with those farthest from you, without paying hundreds of dollars for gimmicky wristbands.
Elad Dekel (CA)