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**HOT NEW APPS** - Apple

Nome will create a mixtape perfectly matching the duration of your trip. Gone are the days of getting home halfway through a song or fumbling to pick an album before you leave. Get stuck in traffic or change your route? No problem, Nome will automatically adapt, so the music always ends when you arrive at your destination.

Here’s how to use Nome.
・Find where you want to go
・Get driving, walking, or cycling directions
・Start your trip and Nome handles the rest

What else can Nome do?
・Find new places - Search nearby for restaurants, shopping, and other categories
・Get information on a place - Get ratings, pricing, hours, and other useful data from available businesses
・Always get to your destination - Use Turn-by-Turn directions to easily find your way to your destination
・Stop along the way - Find restaurants, gas stations, and EV chargers as you go
・Music Only Directions - If you already know the way, use Music Only directions to get a tailored queue for your trip and an ETA without on-screen directions
・Share ETA - Share your ETA from Turn-by-Turn or Music Only directions with friends, family, or anyone else (even those without the Nome app)
・Widget - See an ETA to a suggested location anywhere on your home screen and or the next step if you’re using Turn-by-Turn

Nome in your car.
Use all of Nome's powerful navigation and music features from your car with Apple CarPlay! Without even opening your phone you can get directions, or start them from your phone and continue in your car.

Nome while you ride.
With Cycling Mode, Nome will track your workout while you follow your route, and listen to a perfectly tailored queue. Share your ETA with friends and family so they know you arrive safely at your destination. Finished your ride? See a beautiful summary, and then save your workout to the Health app on your iPhone.

Nome on your wrist.
Use the Nome Apple Watch app to find nearby locations, get an ETA, and preview directions.

Some features listed require Nome Premium.

Nome can work with your Apple Music iCloud Music Library, music synced to your device, or music purchased from iTunes.
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