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Large Heart Rate Display Pixie

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Large Heart Rate Display Pixie

Displays Heart Rate in a large, easy to read, custom color! Uses Apple's HealthKit to read your heart rate up to every 5 seconds and displays the time since that reading. App begins in Passive mode, noted by the empty circle in the top right.

Tap the screen to start a Workout! A red dot will appear in the top right and a Glyph will appear on your watch face to indicate the Workout has started. Tap the screen again to end the Workout and return to Passive mode.

Swipe to change screens to change color and see About info.

All Complication families are supported and can show max and min's over time.

Please reinstall if you accidentally reset or cancel permissions!

Advertisement free and no data is collected or stored. We just want to show you your heart rate in a large, easy to read format!
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