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HomeRun 2 for HomeKit

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HomeRun 2 for HomeKit

HomeRun 2 puts the power of HomeKit onto your wrist and Home screen with complications and widgets that do what you need them to do, when you need them to do it.

Leveraging the power of those complications and widgets, HomeRun 2 lets you quickly tap the action that best suits you without being bogged down by a list of arbitrary actions.

Simply, HomeRun 2 is a distraction-free way to make full use of HomeKit's actions and scenes when you need them most.


Grids let you set up groups of actions and scenes that best suit you. You could create a grid with actions you're likely to need during an evening and another for working at home. And that's just the start.

Apple Watch is the computer you always have with you, making it the perfect HomeRun 2 companion. Beautiful complications can be set up to offer custom actions and each one can be configured to switch design and action over time. Configuring complications has never been easier thanks to a gorgeous new interface.

Have a complication show your early morning scene button when you wake up, but your movie night scene when it's time to kick back and relax.

Home screen widgets are designed the way you want them to be, offering only the actions you choose. Available in three sizes, widgets can be used for single actions or a whole grid of them – the choice is yours.

We all have our own routines and HomeRun 2 make sure Apple Watch's Siri watch face knows all about them. Choose actions that are best suited to particular times of the day and Siri will surface them on your Apple Watch when you're using the Siri watch face.

Home screen widgets and Apple Watch complications need to fit your aesthetic. That's why HomeRun 2 offers thousands of icon choices and an endless supply of color combinations. Let your creative side run wild!


Some features require HomeRun Plus, an optional in-app purchase that unlocks:
- Multiple grids for use on in the iPhone and iPad app.
- Widgets for putting actions and scenes onto your iPhone and iPad Home screens.
- Multiple configurable complications per type for added flexibility on Apple Watch.
- Even more icons to choose from when customizing your action buttons – SF Symbols and Emoji are available free.

Monthly and annual subscriptions are available, as is a lifetime purchase that unlocks everything for a one-time fee. Family Sharing is also supported, giving your entire family access to everything HomeRun 2 has to offer at no additional charge.


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