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Recovery Birthdays

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Recovery Birthdays

For a person in recovery, their Sobriety date, Clean date or Abstinence date is just as important, and often more important than their 'belly button' birthday.

Recovery Birthdays is a contacts manager that syncs with your current contacts, easily allows you to add and manage your friends recovery birthdays and sends you notifications before and on your friends anniversaries.

Your data never leaves your device. One of the main priorities I had when creating this app was the privacy of the users and their contacts. No data collected. Not third party servers. No sharing of your data with anyone. Recovery Birthdays does not collect information of any kind from its users. Recovery Birthdays stores locally in the app only a contact name, date for an anniversary of the recovery birthday and a single image for the contact. Recovery Birthdays does not store or share your contacts other information such as, phone numbers, email addresses, physical addresses, contact notes, birthday, job or relations.

When we were drinking and using we had "dropped out". Never sending cards, returning phone calls, being there for other people or taking part in their lives. Only through positive action can we remove the remains of guilt and shame brought on by our disconnection from others. Because of God's grace, we have been given a second chance at life and the opportunity to change the future.

Be a part of the fellowship that is being freely offered to you and take part in others lives by remembering their recovery birthdays! Bring them a cake, write them a card, give them a call or send them a text message. It is only through giving that we truly receive. They will be most grateful you remembered.

*Configure notifications for the day of the recovery anniversary and a day before the anniversary.
*Send an image from the app of a sobriety coin or recovery key-tag on the anniversary. The app contains Sobriety coins and key-tags from 24 hours to 60 years.
*Create new contacts or add a recovery anniversary to an existing contact.
*Choose from ‘Sobriety date’, ‘Clean date’ or ‘Abstinence date’ when adding a contact.
*Recovery Birthdays will sync with Contacts automatically for contacts that contact an 'anniversary date' with the label of either ‘Sobriety Date’, ‘Clean Date’ or ‘Abstinence Date’

A sobriety chip is a token given to Alcoholics Anonymous members representing the amount of time the member has remained sober. Awarded for abstaining from alcohol while in the program of Alcoholics Anonymous. 

This set of AA chips ranges from 24 hours to 60 years sobriety.
Silver Chip – 24 hours of sobriety
Red Chip – 30 days/1 month of sobriety
Yellow Chip – 60 days/2 months of sobriety
Green Chip – 90 days/3 months of sobriety
Orange Chip – 4 months of sobriety
Red Chip – 5 months of sobriety
Blue Chip – 6 months of sobriety
Purple Chip – 7 months of sobriety
Orange Chip – 8 months of sobriety
Pink Chip – 9 months of sobriety
Green Chip – 10 months of sobriety
Red Chip – 11 months of sobriety
Gold Chip – 1 - 60 years of sobriety

A key-tag is a token given to Narcotics Anonymous members representing the amount of time the member has remained clean. Awarded for abstaining from drugs while in the program of Narcotics Anonymous. 

This set of NA key-tags ranges from Just For Today and Welcome Back to Multiple Years Clean and Serene.
White - Just For Today
Pink - Welcome Back after a relapse
Orange - 30 days
Green - 60 days
Red - 90 days
Blue - 6 months
Yellow - 9 months
Glow in the dark White - 1 year
Grey - 18 months
Black and Gold - Multiple years
Kurt Lane