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iShield Devices

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iShield Devices

"Prevention is Better than Cure"
Living in a connected world, losing gadgets or misplacing them is the biggest fear and worst nightmare. Either of the results would be a loss of valuable data that might be a treasure to others, as well, peace of mind and of course, loss of lot of money (device lost + purchase new device). This app *proactively* prevents your valuable iPhone/Watch from accidentally misplaced, lost or stolen by alerting and helps to recover them quickly.

Note: We support only iPhone & Watch for now.
After you lose your device(s), blocking/erasing them may save only your data/privacy.

Losing Contact:
1. Bluetooth is Set to OFF in either iPhone or Watch
2. Switching off the devices
3. Moving away from each other (unreachable to each other via bluetooth)
e.g. leaving your phone at home, and wearing the watch and go out for a walk

Highly Valuable:
1. Private photos, music, memos, emails & other pertaining data
2. Cost of the device(s)
e.g. If your device costs $1000.00, then, you will be losing $2000.
$1000.00 for your lost device, and another $1000.00 for to buy a new device,
additionally, invaluable & precious time in setting up the device, and restore the data

Once you lose, trying to block or erase data is *reactive*, and whatever you have lost is lost, as well, it wont give you peace of mind. So instead of reacting, iShield would proactively alert you and helps to recover them quickly.

List of Features:

1. The alarming feature helps to realize that user has lost or misplaced the device and act quickly to recover

2. Separating them from being monitored each other.
e.g. In case, if the user go for running and don't want to carry the phone, they can safely 'ISOLATE', which prevents the device(s) being alarmed continuously, if they lose contact.

3. WiFi Alert Enabled (Saving the Known WiFi Networks)
In case, if the user is at home, office or any other place, where the devices are connected to a known wifi network, then, the user can simply register the WiFi network as preferred. As long as, the devices are connected to the registered/preferred network, the devices will not start alarming, if they go apart each other.

e.g. Having the phone in the bedroom, and doing some cleaning in the garage.
Sometimes the BLE signal may not be good or unreachable, But if they are connected to the preferred WiFi network, then the devices will be silent, and won't alarm (alarming may be annoying sometimes)

The following Features will be enabled in the Future Version(s):

4. Geo Fencing
If somebody walks away in a public place with your phone, and if in case, BLE is faulting, Geo Fencing will monitor whether the device are going apart each other beyond the virtual fencing region, and the alarm will go off.

5. Beacons
If the user is in the unreachable areas like underground garage, train, bus station, and other public and tunneled environments, the Beacons help the devices to stay together

6. iCloud Support & Camera
Assume if the user has lost the iPhone and marked it as missing via iShield Devices app, then, the app would take pictures in stealth mode using front and rear cameras, and upload it to the original owner's iCloud account silently, and the owner will be notified on the uploaded photos.

As well, the app would update the iCloud account with its physical location.

i.e. Watch will read the iCloud info, and Alert the User along with the latest Geo Coordinate of the iPhone

7. Community Based Locating the Lost Devices
If the user marked his device as 'Missing', missing device info is spread across the community (in the background) and any of other users device get the beacon on the lost device, the other users device (may be iPhone or Watch) pass on the location to the central server, and alert the user, who lost the device.
Babu Ganapathy