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Make My Day by Skillsom

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Make My Day by Skillsom

This Apple-exclusive Apple Watch only app is a real-life implementation of scientific research. It could improve your life with only a few seconds per day.
1. Daily affirmations are proven concepts for self-improvement.
2. The research shows that one of the techniques used in gambling is waiting for unknown events that could have positive outcomes. This waiting period amplifies the results.
3. Repeating the same action every day will form a habit.

We integrate these three techniques in a small app which reminds you each day to start the app, wait for the outcome, and at the end, you have your affirmation quote.

- Starting this app each day will form a habit of having positive affirmations every day.
- Waiting for unknown quotes will raise awareness of affirmation you will get at the end of waiting.
- Reading affirmation in the first person will bring some positive thoughts and expectations to your day.
- Doing this for a prolonged time could have an impact on your thinking processes. It will bring more positive thoughts to your days.
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