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Smart Business Card Scanner

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Smart Business Card Scanner are digital business cards that work both digital and on paper. Simply scan your current business card and bring it into the digital world. With that, you can link all your accounts like LinkedIn or Instagram to your business card. If you share it online (via QR-code, email, or Whatsapp) your recipients will always get your latest information.

Digital clone for the digital age
By uploading, designing, or creating your business card with, a digital clone of your card is created with a custom short web address to make it accessible from any device. This way, you can easily share your card, embed it in digital media, control & update your data, and keep track of its performance. But best, you will make life easier for all recipients of your card. No hassle to digitize your card means no excuse to lose it.

Spread your business card like never before
Even if you don't have your business cards with you, won't let you down. Distribute your digital card via the QR code or send the link via any app like Whatsapp or by mail.

Fast & reliable scanning of conventional business cards
After only one week, 80% of all business cards end up in the trash. Most of them were not digitized before, so the contact is lost unnecessarily.
Before, digitizing business cards were annoying Work. Now, you can easily capture received business cards and digitize their content with the help of modern machine learning algorithms.

Access contacts anywhere, anytime
With, all your contacts are stored in our encrypted modern cloud, where you can access them at any time on any device. This way, you can group, sort, filter, and search your contacts on the way, in the office or at home.

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