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Yours Truly

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Yours Truly

Yours Truly helps you understand your Electric Skateboard, know it deeply, connect with it. Like it's an extension of your feet. Telemetry and ride tracking for electric skateboards, scooters and other vehicles that use VESC® based motor controllers, for now...

- Telemetry (incl. speed and fault logging) from ESC
- Battery and range estimates
- Apple Watch companion app
- Health app integration (display heart rate and store workouts)
- Automatically track your rides in the background (opt-in)
- GPS route tracking
- Share your ride on social media!

Compatible with:
ESC: (One of)
- VESC with firmware version between 3.43 and 5.2
- UNITY with firmware version between 23.34 and 23.46
Bluetooth Module: (One of)
- Bluetooth module running nrf51_vesc firmware
- HM10 Bluetooth module

Terms of use (EULA):
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