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Create AI programs. Construct bionic systems. Conduct cognitive science experiments.

_ Bionic Visual Programming (BVP)
Inspired by the neurological structure of the human brain, NEURO is designed specifically for creating AI-based programs. It features many neuro-inspired modules like Sense, Fear, Knowledge, Imagination, Reward, etc. Plus programming in NEURO is entirely codeless.

_ ML Packages
With more than 100 Machine Learning packages and modular presets to choose from, you can easily create AI-based programs from simple object recognition to a reward-driven self-aware system.

_ Sensors and Behaviors
The six sensors resemble the human sensory system - sight, sound, touch, motion, body, and info. The behaviors include a wide way of output such as light, vibration, sound, images, and even smart home controls.

_ Virtual Nuclei
Nuclei are units for building circuitry based on the reductionist mechanism of neurological pathways, like the reward loop, motivations, fight or flight system, and even emotions. Use them to create a conscious system, enhance your program, or conduct cognitive experimentations.

_ Nervous System
Hold and drag to synapse a nerve fiber between two modules. There are a handful of neural nodes that can alter neural signals on the way.

_ Cyberclean UI
NEURO focuses on data and logic, yet still outputs a solid and futuristic UI that maximizes interactivity. Tap on any of the modules to zoom in for configurations. Tap on the top bar to reveal their support documents.

_ Biomark and Biocode
Your program can be compressed into a single scannable Biocode for instant sharing. You can. also permanently sign your work with Biomark, which can not be altered even after sharing.

More features:
_6 templates included
_Plastic nerve, Hyponerve, Hypernerve
_Firing rate control for optimization
_Envelope and Nap
_UI modeling with Projector
_Rename your program
_Biomark and Biocode

* Neural Engine and ML functions may not support on all devices and all OS versions:
recommend iOS 14.0 or later, iPhone 7 or later, all Apple supported iPad models, Apple Watch Series 2 or later