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Sleeprate. Balance Your Sleep.

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Sleeprate. Balance Your Sleep.

Sleeprate is a self-help sleep solution that helps you gain insights about your sleep, control your sleep habits, and improve your sleep quality, to feel better during your days. Based on CBT-I (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia) the first-line treatment for insomnia and other sleep deficiencies, Sleeprate is the most comprehensive digital sleep improvement program available today.

How’s your sleep?

Over 50% of the global population suffers from sleep deprivation or poor sleep. As sleep is a core factor of our health and feeling, improving our sleep improves our mood, performance, and health. Yet, since our sleep needs are different, Sleeprate is a personalized solution that helps overcome different sleep problems and achieve individual sleep goals.

Sleeprate doesn’t require you to buy or own a wearable, or place your phone near your bed. However, connecting your wearable is an option. It adds layers of sleep data and can be fun!

Sleeprate’s features:

√ Sleep tracking with or without a wearable device
√ Digital sleep journal
√ Updated sleep education
√ Daily sleep data
√ Daily personalized sleep insights & motivational approach
√ Sleep basics
√ Connectivity to a variety of wearable devices (link to full list below)
√ Relaxation tools

Sleeprate’s monthly plan:

Monthly subscription - Cancel anytime

Includes all the of Sleeprate’s features, with the full personalized self-help CBT-I sleep improvement program to help you reprogram your sleep & wakefulness cycles and improve your nights and days.

How does it work?

Get to know your sleep habits and patterns.

Receive your ongoing sleep trends & insights to understand your sleep-related challenges.

Watch your progress over time as you improve your sleep and feel better during the day.

Enjoy Sleeprate’s sleep education with monthly updates.

Use the available relaxation, mindfulness and stress management tools.

Enjoy the digital dream diary option on your nightstand.

Already have a sleep therapist? You can share your sleep data with your real-life trusted physician/therapist, for remote, effective sessions.

Ongoing advice on how to avoid slipping into old or new sleep difficulties

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) approach:

Sleeprate is compatible with various wearables: Apple Watch, Garmin, EarlySense, etc. For the full list click here:

*Sleeprate integrates with Apple Health to provide heart rate trends during sleep.

Sleeprate. Providing sleep solutions since 2006:

Developed by sleep experts with decades of research and clinical practice, Sleeprate has a proven & patented sleep analysis technology and validated sleep assessment, alongside a CBT-I smart algorithm solution.

*Awarded "National Alliance of Healthcare Purchaser Coalitions” by Aetna's MindCheck, 2017.

In 2017 Aetna insurance company in collaboration with Sleeprate tested the efficacy of a mobile CBT-I solution. The results proved that digital health technology allowed employees to solve sleep deficiencies, leading to greater workplace productivity and quality of life.

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