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CORE is the first wearable sensor that accurately measures core body temperature continuously and non-invasively. Athletes can benefit from both real-time monitoring and recording data for later analysis. Designed for athletes at all levels, CORE will help improve your training and competitive performance.

IMPORTANT: The CORE app is designed to work with the CORE device which you can order at

1. What does CORE do?

CORE helps you track a critical metric for sports performance: core body temperature. This is the interior temperature of the body – including organs and other tissues – which only changes due to physiological processes such as illness, intense activity, circadian cycles or ovulation.

Core body temperature rises when doing sports. It is common for some people to exceed 40°C (104°F) during high-intensity training and competition (values vary across individuals).

Above a certain threshold, an elevated core body temperature triggers the cooling mechanism in your body. This diverts blood flow away from power generating muscles and uses up to 70% of cardiac output for thermoregulation. This significantly impacts athletic performance, and in extreme situations can result in “blow-ups” or “meltdowns”.

CORE will help reveal your personal core body temperature threshold. This will help you to train to improve your response to heat and achieve the performance gains you are looking for. You can also use CORE to make better strategic decisions when competing.
For more information about the training protocols enabled by CORE, please visit:

CORE can also be used beyond sports for everyday monitoring of wellbeing and personal health. It is approved to be sold in the USA as a 'clinical thermometer'. For full details, visit:

2. Access your data at any time

CORE stores your data in the device and connects to the app to display it. The data is also pushed to a cloud solution, where you can view it and download it for further analysis. You can even use CORE when not carrying your phone. The data will be stored in the sensor, and you only need to sync it with the app to push all the data to your online account.

3. Why is CORE different from other solutions?

Prior to CORE, only invasive methods such as probes or ingestible e-pills were available. For the first time, CORE provides an accurate, continuous, non-invasive solution for monitoring core body temperature, regardless of the activity and environment. CORE’s measurement of core body temperature is accurate to within 0.21°C.

As proof of its unique value, CORE is already used by UCI WorldTeams and top triathletes worldwide. The full list of users is available at:

4. How does it work?

The CORE device clips onto your heart-rate monitor belt or sports bra. It can also be worn using the specially designed patches . For best results, wear CORE on the same side as your Garmin or Wahoo device.
CORE supports ANT+ and works with most Garmin Connect IQ and Wahoo devices.