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Watch Vitals

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Watch Vitals

As a First Responder, what's the first thing you do when you reach the patient? Take vitals, right? Many EMTs and paramedics either write down pulse, respiration, blood pressure and SPO2 on a piece of paper or more likely, on their glove. Then things get hectic and you forgot what time it was when you recorded the vitals. Your wish is granted! Watch Vitals lets you record the patient's name and vitals on your Watch, as you are timing - a timer starts as soon as you hit one of the buttons, so you can time the pulse and respirations separately.

You record each vital sign by tapping on the text area and then by dictation, scribbling, or on your iPhone. Note: you must hit the Done button on the watch TWICE to stop the timer and record the data if you dictate it or Scribble it. If you enter the data through the iPhone keyboard, you hit Return on the iPhone keyboard and then Done on the watch.

Now, take a screenshot of your Watch by holding the side button and tapping the Digital Crown. Your screenshot is sent to the photos on your iPhone. If you want it, open the Watch Vitals iPhone app and hit the camera icon. Or just open the photo in the photos app (and then do whatever you want with it, e.g., send it to your partner who is writing the PCR).

Includes the most popular complications for the Watch.

Sometimes simple is best!
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