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W-Chat Lite for WhatsApp

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W-Chat Lite for WhatsApp

This Version has less features but it is powerful, it has better performance and speed. With this version you might stop using WhatsApp on your iPhone, because whenever you open the app it will be connected and you can chat directly, no more reconnecting if the session was not logged out. Just setup the app while W-Chat is open on your iPhone, then everything will be smooth and easy.

To get started follow these steps :

1 - Open W-chat Lite on your Apple Watch.
2 - Open WhatsApp on your phone.
3- In WhatsApp navigate to Settings --> WhatsApp Web --> Scan QR Code.
4 - Scan the QR Code that will load on your Apple Watch.
4-1 if the QR code did not scan(failed), just wait till the QR code changes and then scan the code.

5 - Wait for few seconds and it should load up.

- Send and receive messages quickly
- Supports 16 languages with 14 keyboard layouts.
(English,Arabic,French,Spanish,Italian,Portuguese,Greek,Hebrew,Russian,Finnish,Turkish,Dutch,Chinese,Korean,Japanese and German).
- Receive Voice messages.
- Receive images and videos.
- Receive Stickers.
- Receive any type of messages.
- Receive contacts.
- Last seen is shown.
- Send messages to any contact.
and many more.
-zoom to images by double tapping on image

So please keep in mind adding new features to the app is our pleasure, but if you face any issue please let us know and we will fix it as soon as possible.

if you face any issue, you can contact us at [email protected]

Disclaimer: This is a 3rd-party connector app for WhatsApp Web. It is not supported or endorsed by WhatsApp, Facebook Inc. The app connects using your official WhatsApp Web account and complies with WhatsApp usage terms and conditions.
Rami Moghrabi