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Intelly is an application developed to solve a problem, the time spent in the shower.

The purpose of this application is to entice and help people to take a GREEN shower, therefore eco-sustainable, allowing them not to consume too many liters of water.

Everything stems from a problem and consequently a solution must be found.


The time spent in the shower is an important factor and should not to be underestimated. Too much time spent in the shower means too much water consumed and consequently not very sustainable for our planet.


Develop an app that can help people take a shower that is not too long and consequently, Green.



Thanks to AI, the app does what it has to do, recognizing the flow of shower water, monitoring everything with a timer.

If you spend too much time in the shower (on average more than 8 minutes), you will not have been green, therefore not eco-sustainable on the planet, so you will have to take a green shower afterwards.


The calendar allows you to see your data, day by day, week, month and so on, thanks to a calendar that shows you the focal points on the fly
(green or not green), then a green or red dot.


Not only will you be able to share your data, but you can also export it in CSV format.


All your data is safe on the Apple Cloud, iCloud and will all be available on all your devices.
Nicolo Curioni