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-- Let Me Guess --
The “AI” in the app would choose a number for you in a range and the goal is for you to get the correct number in as few tries as possible.

-- Let “AI” Guess --
You are the one choosing the number, and see how many times it takes the “AI” to get the correct number.

-- Number Randomizer --
Randomize a number in any specific range (below 999,999,999). Customizable within the settings in the app.

-- Color Randomizer --
Randomize a color and display its RGB values either in decimal or hex format. Customizable within the settings in the app.

-- Boolean Randomizer --
Randomize a boolean value (true or false) and help you make the difficult choice.

-- Complication Support --
Either leads you back to the app where you have left, or takes you to a new game or a specific randomizer after you tap on the complication on the watch face.
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