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Sound box

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Sound box

The best sounds of the internet in a FREE soundboard!

Have an Apple Watch? Control Soundbox with it.
Prank your unsuspecting friends with funny or scary sound effects.
Access Soundbox without ever pulling out your phone.

Create your own customized soundboards to your heart's desires.

Don't see your favorite sound effect?
Simply upload them or request new sound effects at [email protected]

FREE sounds include:
BRUH, NUT, Deez Nutz, Leeroy Jenkins, MLG horns, and many many more
Enjoy sound effects from popular social media platforms.
(More to come, more to come)

Additional sound effects from

Icon image credit:
Icons made by (Darius Dan) - App Icon
Icons made by (Freepik) - Cricket, Ghost, Bacon, Flute, Elevator, Punch, Alarm, Vinyl, Drumstick, Soccer ball
Icons made by (Good Ware) - Milk
Icons made by (smalllikeart) - Airhorn
Icons made by (Smashicons) - Boxing Glove
Icons made by (icongeek26) - Trombone
Icons made by (monkik) - Duck
Icons made by (Pixel perfect)
Icons made by (photo3idea-studio)
Icons made by (surang)
Gabriel Pires