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Pill Tracker+

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Pill Tracker+

Pill Tracker will help you remember to take all your medications on time. Simply input the medication name, dosage, an optional note and frequency. The app can optionally send you a notification to remind you to take your medication.

Pill Tracker also features an intuitive daily view that shows you what medications you need to take on that specific day. Tap on a medication and select a time, and the app can serve as a log of what time you took a medication on each day.

Never forget to take your pills again and always have a record of when you took it. You can also add notes each time you take your pill. For example, you can say that you took a pill on an empty stomach or with water to see how you react to new medications.

Pill Tracker does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek medical information from your physician or qualified healthcare provider.
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