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Have you ever sent letters to your future self? You need to try if you haven't!

Mnemoniqa is an app which allows you to send photo, video, audio and text messages to your future self! 

How it works at a glance:

1. Take a snapshot of your current self. It can be a picture, a video, an audio or a text note.

2. Choose a delivery date. 

3. Send the message to the future you!

By the time you receive it you might be amazed how little you remember from what you have sent. That is what makes Mnemoniqa so exciting!

All the messages that you received from your past selves are available on the history page. You can get back to them at any time and if you wish so, share them on social media. 

Unlike many diary apps Mnemoniqa offers you a user-friendly intuitive interface. So you don't need to waste your time trying to figure out how the hack this thing works. 

If you don't feel too much creative at the moment and not sure what to send to your future self, it's also absolutely not a problem. You don't have to write long reads. Just take a picture. Or make a short video shot. We promise you - whatever it is that you send to your future self, you will be pleasantly surprised when you receive it in a few weeks.

Sometimes it can be also very interesting to share with your future self your current plans or ask him/her some questions. Don't forget Mnemoniqa is not just a diary! It's much more!

So are you ready to talk to your future self?
Vadim Shalugin