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Heart Rate & Stress Pro

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Heart Rate & Stress Pro

*Exclusively provide psychological stress analysis
*In-depth analysis and reports of heart rate, blood oxygen, HRV, etc.
* Directly detect real-time heart rate through camera and fingers

This app uses the Apple Watch to detect heart rate/heartbeat (Heart Rate) in real time, calculate stress, as well as provide in-depth analysis of heart rhythm distribution, anxiety levels (read via HealthKit), and by providing a variety of visual graphs. This makes it easier for you to keep an eye on your heart health and mental stress. Thus allowing you to better release stress, relieve anxiety, and stay out of depression! A must-have app for anxious people!

1. heart rate monitoring, psychometric testing in real time via Apple Watch watch and HealthKit
2. quick access to the day's heart rate, stress status through widgets and Apple Watch.
3. Obtain weekly/historical analysis of heart rate/stress/anxiety levels
3. can visually see the daily ratio/change in heart rate at various levels, allowing you to better understand the state of heart health/psychological stress
4. Intuitive comparative exercise heart rate without concern for each specific exercise.
5. Ability to view trends in various health data on a weekly/monthly basis

--You can pay special attention to psychological stress during special times, such as during menstruation, insomnia, poor sleep quality, anxiety, intensive work, etc., and take advantage of meditation opportunities.
--You can also see mental and heart health changes through long-term trend analysis to analyze your workout results

1. the GZ Heart App reads health data from your phone via HealthKit, including: heart rate, resting heart rate, active energy, exercise, etc., and uses this data to analyze trends in your heart rate in various scenarios.
2. the GZ Heart App's charts, data, etc. are for heart rate data reference only. It cannot give you professional health advice, nor can it replace professional doctors and equipment. If you think you have a health problem, please consult a medical professional.
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