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The GloStix™ app strobes a fully customizable array of colors on your phone screen along with the bassline of your favorite music, to a set time interval, or as a constant display. You can also switch on the flashlight strobe to make your phone’s light flash along to the beat! Customize the text displayed on the screen or choose between displaying the time or nothing at all. Perfect for concerts, sporting events, festivals, house-parties, you name it!

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- Use the Calibrate button on the upper left corner of the display to automatically set the volume slider to the optimum setting when the music trigger is selected.

- Access the full range of settings by selecting the gear icon in the upper right corner.

- With the “Music” trigger selected, the screen color will change along with the bassline of the music. Change the volume slider from Level 1 (music through your laptop speakers), to Level 10 (music on your car stereo), or all the way up to Level 20 (at a live concert) to adjust the sensitivity of the strobe.

- With the “Time” trigger selected, the screen color will change according to the time interval selected through the slider.

- With the “None” trigger selected, the screen color will remain a constant color. - Under the “Colors” menu, you can select up to 15 customizable colors.

- To customize a color, tap the color box and select the “eye dropper” icon. A color selection pinwheel will be displayed, select the color you desire by taping the pinwheel, and adjust the brightness using the brightness slider.

- To delete a color, tap the color box and select the “trash can” icon.

- Trigger the flashlight strobe by turning the switch on or off.

- Select “Text,” “Time,” or “None” under the Display menu to change the display mode.

-With “Text” selected, enter your customized phrase in the “Text” textbox and select black or white as your font color.

- All of these settings are also available for the Apple Watch, but keep in mind that the Watch features are still in development. Feel free to check out our progress so far!

-Upgrade to the premium version for full access to the customization settings and to remove the ad banner on the display screen!


This application has a strobing (rapidly flashing) light effect. User discretion is advised. GloStix and its affiliates are not responsible for the misuse of this application. This application, its contents, and the related artwork is ©2019 by EACo, LLC. By downloading this application, you acknowledge you're agreement to this disclaimer.