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Training Today

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Training Today

Training Today constantly monitors your Health Data from Apple Watch to determine your readiness to train (RTT) each day and throughout the day.

Training Today can help you stay safe from overtraining injury or let you know if it’s the best time to work hard, take it easy, or have a rest day (yes, please).

Developed with British Triathlon Coaches and tested on athletes of varying ability, we have taken a holistic view of your life by using the advanced capabilities of Apple Watch to monitor your health 24hrs a day and process that data to create a simple, accurate readiness to train (RTT) score to help you reach your training goal.

Key Features

* Calculates your readiness to train (RTT) score automatically throughout the day.
* Presents a multi-day chart showing how your score is changing.
* Using the Digital Crown, you can scroll through previous RTT scores on the chart.
* Runs independently on Apple Watch; no need for iPhone to be present.
* iPhone companion app also shows your current RTT score and tutorial.
* Full support for all complications means you can quickly glance at your watch and see your current RTT score at any time.
* We use Heart Rate Variability (HRV), Workout detection and our own algorithm to determine your RTT score.
* Automatic filtering of outlier data (e.g. very larger variances in data)
* Workout detection - we detect when you have completed a workout logged to Apple Health and show it on the chart. Tap the screen when you see one to get details of the workout and better understand the impact on your RTT score.
* Post workout prompt - if you have completed a workout but we don't have a recent HRV reading, the chart will show an exclamation indicator (!) prompting you to use the Breathe app to get a new reading so we can update your RTT score and chart.

The following are available in the subscription version:
* Siri support - ask, "Hey Siri, what's my Training Today score?" or "Hey Siri, what's my Training Today RTT?" to see your score and current weekly chart
* Siri shortcuts - get your current Training Today score as input for automation you can create in Apple Shortcuts.
* Apple Watch notifications when your RTT drops by a configured amount compared to your 4-day average.
* View your RTT chart on your iPhone as well as your Apple Watch
* View your complete baseline HRV and RHR (Resting Heart Rate) data in the iPhone app and scroll through Years, Months and the related weekly RTT charts.
* Fine-tune your RTT score using Smoothing and Intensity Settings on your iPhone
* Add widgets to your iPhone home screens and lock screens showing your current RTT score and chart.
* Compare your Resting Heart Rate data with your RTT and HRV scores.
* Notifications on Apple Watch when your RTT changes over a configured value compared to your 4-day average.

Planned features:
- support for French, German, and Spanish languages
- context tagging.
- data sharing.
- a new learning section
- dynamic training plans.

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For best performance, wear your Apple Watch as much as possible and overnight if you can.

The Training Today iPhone and Apple Watch app (“App)” provides only information, is not medical or treatment advice, and may not be treated as such by the user. As such, this App may not be relied upon for the purposes of medical diagnosis or as a recommendation for medical care or treatment. The information on this App is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. All content, including text, graphics, images, and information, contained on or available through this App is for general information purposes only.

Note: Original Apple Watches (Series 0) are not supported because they do not support HRV or watchOS 6 or later, and users under 16 are not supported because HRV data is unavailable.

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