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BNE Room

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BNE Room

Video chat with your team, family, friends or colleagues - for free. BNE Room is a fully encrypted video conferencing solution that you can use all day, every day, for free - with no account needed.
Just create your conference room, share its URL with your peers, and you’re good to go.

BNE Room is available worldwide, and you can use it either you need to make a business conference call, or you want to catch-up with your bestie. You can also use it internally in your company to communicate with your employees or colleagues.

Unlimited users: there are no restrictions on the number of users or conference participants.
No account registration or configurations needed.
Control access to your conferences with a password.
High quality, encrypted video, and audio.
No downloads are required of your friends to join the conversation. BNE Room works directly within their browser as well. Simply share your mnemonic conference URL with others to get started.
Invite by pretty URLs: you can meet at the easy to remember of your choice instead of joining the hard to remember rooms with seemingly random sequences of numbers and letters in their names.

BNE Room is the latest release from BNESIM, the World’s Leading Travel Communication Provider.
BNESIM Limited