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The Ultimate Counter

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The Ultimate Counter

Ultimate Counter from Sun Apps is the easiest and most beautiful way to tally or countdown to anything.

With Countdowns, you can count how long it is until a certain event, such as your birthday. You can also count how many days it's been since an event, such as starting a diet. You can also set a custom background for each Countdown for a more beautiful look. You will also get a notification when the Countdown is finished!

With Tallies, you can create unlimited tallies to count up to or down to a goal. When you hit this goal, you will see confetti on the screen! You can easily add or subtract any of your Tallies from the main tab, as well as see their current total.

I took great care when designing this app. It follows iOS guidelines but stands out in it own special and unique way. With a focus on clarity and ease of use, it's designed to get out of your way when you're using the app, and to look nice when you're not. It's also designed to adapt to the iPad, with support for Split View, Slide Over, keyboard shortcuts, and cursor adaptation.

Ultimate Counter is completely and 100% free. There are no premium features, subscriptions, or even ads! You may see that the App Store lists "In-App Purchases," but that is only because I have a Tip Jar for those who love the app and want to give back.

Quickly access a Tally, right from your wrist, for quick counting in the moment. Ultimate Counter also has an app on the Mac App Store with all the same great features of the iOS version.

All of your Tallies and Countdowns sync across all of your devices, including the Mac app over iCloud. (iCloud must be enabled for this to work)*

*Image backgrounds do not yet sync.
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