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TosKe is an app that wants to support you overcome your fear. The app consists in a path of three simple activities that keep you busy and let you focus on something else in order to overcome the attack.

The first activity will help you control yourself starting by your breathing. The guide will help you relax by breathing with the method 4-7-8. When you feel ready you can press on start. The design will guide you in the paths.

This second activity helps you to focus on simple activity. Tap on the circles as many times as the number written in the middle. Concentrate on it will help your body to relax.

The third activity will let you relax your mind. Tap on the screen to turn on all the dots that compose the balloon. Enjoy the show.

All the app is designed with 2 main color purple that contrast the panic attack and blue that is a relaxing color.

The path lasts less than 5 minutes. At the end of each activity the user can choose if he want to continue in the next activity, repeat it or exit the app. want to close the app.

We used HealhKit to keep the player in background to create a complete experiene for the user

Developed by:
Gianluigi Nicodemo
Angelo Minieri
Giovanni Nastro
Francesca Bosio
Angelo Minieri