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WaterUp drink water reminder

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WaterUp drink water reminder

• Reminds you to drink water, track any drink & stay hydrated
• Fun Challenges motivate you to make healthy choices for 10 days
• Streaks help you build a habit
• Fancy daily companions to fill up & complete each day differently
• Celebrate Your Day shareable recap illustration to become a bit more proud of your progress
• Daily water intake goals based on your weight, activity & weather
• Apple Watch app to quickly add any drink on the go

WaterUp water tracker free app will remind you to drink water regularly & help develop a healthy habit.

More WaterUp water reminder features
• Smart reminders during your day, so you never forget to drink water
• Healthy water intake challenges: Sober Bear, Weight Loss Sloth, No Cheat Cheetah
• Streaks - reach your water intake goal as many days in a row as you can
• Track water in any drink: water, tea, matcha, coffee, juice, smoothie, soup, soda, beer, wine, cider, vermouth, liquor, etc
• Custom drink - set a name, icon, cup size, hydration ratio & caffeine
• Celebrate your day - share your progress as a cool visual when your water intake goal is reached
• Daily water intake calculator
• Intake history calendar
• Custom daily water drinking goal
• Lock screen widget to add water quicker
• Apple Health sync
• Oz/Ml units

Health benefits when drinking water based on different studies:
Boost your body metabolism with water. Avoid bad breath. Maintain the balance of your body fluids by getting enough water. Have better focus & concentration. Lubricate your muscles & joints naturally. Exercise more effectively. Improve your digestion by hydrating yourself. Stay slimmer. Look better & healthier. Avoid fatigue, mood swings & low motivation. Improve your immune system. Prevent fat deposits. Get a gleaming & healthy hair by consuming enough water. Remove toxins & waste from your body. Feel happier. Increase mental & physical performance. Restore your energy by managing your water intake. Feel more full & avoid overeating. Maintain your blood pressure. Your skin looks younger when your body stays hydrated. Improve your memory. Treat headaches. Maintain the proper viscosity of blood & plasma by hydrating yourself. Fight sickness & kidney stones. Regulate your body’s temperature. Increase blood flow & oxygen to your brain. Boost your productivity by maintaining water balance. Reduce the amount of calories. Reduce stress. Be less likely to gain weight if you drink couple glasses of water before meal.
Based on researches water helps reduce the risk of bladder cancer. Dehydration is often an overlooked cause of back pain. Be happier, healthier & more efficient with a properly hydrated brain. When you're dehydrated, your body & mind are stressed. If you're feeling thirsty, you're already dehydrated. Water is required to process all nutrients from the food you eat. When you drink less, brain enters survival mode & stores water in the body, creating swollen feet, hands & legs. Water is helping your kidney act normally. Nutritionists recommend having a glass of water 20-30 mins before a meal. Don't forget to also eat fruits & vegetables, as they have high water content.

WaterUp premium features are available as a monthly subscription $3.99 or as a one-time purchase $6.99. Your iTunes account will be charged at confirmation of purchase. The subscription will automatically renew unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the billing period. You can go to your iTunes Account Settings to manage your subscription and turn off auto-renew. To restore all your previous purchases use the "Restore Purchases" button located at the bottom of the Premium Features popup.

Hydrate yourself daily with the right amount of water. Stay healthy & happy!

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Note: HealthKit integration is to sync Water & Caffeine data with Apple Health app
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