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Simple Migraine Tracker

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Simple Migraine Tracker

The Simple Migraine Tracker records your migraines with a press of a button. That’s it.

It automatically includes the date, location and weather to help you find patterns and triggers.

You won’t have to answer 52 question or navigate screen after screen of eye-dazzling choices while you are suffering. No one wants to do that.

This handy and simple app gives you everything you’ll need to know at a glance: when your last attack was, how many days you have been attack free, and a single simple button to record a new attack.

Reports. Simple Migraine Tracker comes with basic reporting to help you see your history of migraine attacks, how long you have been attack free, and a chart showing your attacks by day of the week so you can look for repeating patterns.

Our in-app purchase unlocks more reports that show your attacks by month, time of day, temperature, and location so you can compare and look for patterns that might help you discover triggers or times when you should be prepared to react.

Use Simple Migraine Tracker to track your migraine attacks so you can report frequency to your doctor, look for patterns and determine if you are making improvements.
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