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Calendar Timeline

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Calendar Timeline

With the Calendar Timeline App for watchOS you'll get a nice overview of the calendar entries within the next seven days – also reminder for today and earlier are supported in one single app.

The app comes with a set of complications – also with a nice big complication for Modular Duo and Infograph Modular watch faces. In this complication you'll see all events and reminder of the day and got the next one display above.

HUGE Update: Now you can choose your favorite style!

· Fixed timeline: Fixed timespan from 6 am to 12 am

· Dynamic timeline: The timeline shows the timespan from first to last event of the day with 1 hour padding each side

· Dynamic timeline with actual time: Like dynamic but with the actual time marker (if before first or past last event)

· Moving timeline: You will see a 4 hour timespan for the future and the timeline is moving through the day (only style where the next day do not get shown when after 6 pm and past the last event)

· Also you can choose if you like the full big image on your watch face or like the next event text and actual date on top of the timeline.

· You can switch on text in timeline which (mostly) fully displays your event text.

· Even add you favorite tint color.

With these settings you can configure your own style on your own watch face!


The big graph complication / widget only runs with Apple Watch Series 4 and higher (high detail watch faces like Modular Duo, Infograph Modular or Infograph Compact watch faces). MDM (company) managed devices may do not provide calendar data even when granted access since watchOS only apps cannot read MDM profiles. Since watchOS 10 the Complication maybe need some time to refresh to new settings due to Apples refresh policy.


For watchOS only apps you need to open AppStore on your watch itself and search for calendar timeline to re-download the app. Sorry for that, but that's Apples flow for watchOS only apps.
Kevin Lieser