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Healthy Me+

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Healthy Me+

Introducing Healthy Me+
A new and simple approach to tracking calories and weight. Healthy Me+ integrates seamlessly with the Apple Health App.

Health App:
Healthkit is used to save and store user dietary information. This information includes energy consumed (calories) and body measurements (weight)

Standard Version (Get started today)
Types of data to enter:
- Enter calories consumed data (stored in Health App)
- Enter weight data (stored in Health App)

Enter this information with only a few clicks. information throughout the day to track daily input. Save time and continue with your day.

Professional Version (Easy to Upgrade)
Upgrade to the "Professional Version" to unlock unlimited data entry. The "Standard Version" is limited to 4 entries a day (2x on the phone, 2x on the watch). Don't miss out, upgrade today!

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Alan Baines