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15 Min Book Summaries

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15 Min Book Summaries

Get your share of short book summaries and abstract stories with our 15 min summary app. Make each minute count with thousands of story books and audiobooks available for you to read, listen and learn from. If you do not have much interest in reading the book summaries, you can opt for listening to the audible track provided for each of the books. Take up this new habit of reading summaries and learning abstract text to bring back your love of reading books and gaining knowledge from them.

Insights from stories and books
An entire book cannot be turned into a 15 min summary. However, a skillful writer could develop an abstract of the story in a new way that reading this quick version could pique a reader's interest. The stories in a book are more than the author’s thoughts or a 20-minute reading session. Create your list of 15 min summary choices to read and learn. Feel free to check out these summaries and find the original books. Make it a habit to improve your knowledge with your summary reading plans as a key factor.

Improve your knowledge from books
Every abstract is available in the form of audiobooks if you prefer to listen to the books rather than read them. Dust up your listening skills and check out our collection of audiobooks and audible summaries. These stories and books consist of many ideas and insights, clearly explained through the audio summaries. Listening to an audible track of an audio book with your eyes closed paints the picture in your mind about the story, the ideas, and what to learn from them.

Quick notification for daily reading
Learning to finish an entire story is key to bringing back your reading culture. There is an option to create a log of summaries you wish to read and listen to. Use our 15 min summary app for a daily text notification to complete and update your new log without wasting a single minute. Though this notification is just a text message to check the audible tracks and abstract stories, it creates a hobby of listening to audiobooks and learning insights from them every day.

The app contains a free tracker to keep track of each 15 min summary and the story book they belong to. You can develop your learning skills and track your progress with the help of this abstract tracker. Listen to the soothing voice which reads out the book summary in a 20-minute session to improve your reading habit. Learn to read, listen and enjoy amazing book summaries and audio books with our 15 min summary app!

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