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Runr is the easiest and simplest way to track your runs! After your run ends, review details of your run effortlessly on your phone or watch!

While running, Runr will track details including duration, average pace, distance, min and max altitude, heart rate, and estimated calories burned. Distance is calculated by using GPS tracking from your phone or watch.

Runr is designed with your Apple Watch in mind. Feel free to leave your phone behind and view your active running results right on your wrist. See all metrics you expect from your phone on your watch with ease. Runr will also use the heart rate monitor from your Apple Watch to give you the most accurate heart rate results.

Runr syncs your run results between your devices for free and with no account setup by using your private iCloud account.

In addition, Runr integrates with HealthKit and the Health app. With your permission, Runr will use HealthKit to get information about your heart rate, calories burned, and distance you have moved while you are running. After your run ends, Runr will save your workout to the Health app so you can review later.
Philip Sawyer