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Tiny Radio

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Tiny Radio

With Tiny Radio you can listen to web radio streams or stream audio files on your Apple Watch completely independent from your iPhone. Tiny Radio also works via LTE, if you have an Apple Watch with LTE function and have entered a mobile phone tariff there. You can transfer new entries from your iPhone to the Apple Watch using the Share function.

How to add Radios on Apple Watch:
1. Search inside the extensive Library.
2. Enjoy.

How to add Links on iOS
1. Open a mobile browser on the iPhone (e.g. Safari)
2. Search for a web radio link (e.g. on the website of your favourite radio) or an audio link (e.g. on the website of your favourite podcast).
3. Use the share function by pressing and holding this link.
4. Select Tiny Radio as the receiver.
5. Enter a name for the link.
6. The Tiny Radio app should now open and fill in all the fields.
7. You can now customize the fields. Caution: The URL should not be changed.
8. Open the Tiny Radio App on Apple Watch.
9. Now you can send the entry to Apple Watch.
Peter Knapp