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Sector Alarm Video

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Sector Alarm Video

Monitor and watch real-time video of your home and get instant notifications & videos of events on your Smart phone.
Key features
• 1080p HD video for crystal clear streams and recordings
• Real-time streaming and playback modes
• Video Analytics to instantly detect people, vehicles and pets
• Infrared night vision mode with 117 degree field of view
• Instant notifications and videos of events
• Wireless communication for easy installation
• Tamper-proof off-site video storage
• Two way audio communication
• Create automated recordings & alerts for key at home events

You can receive real-time notifications, and recordings of the events at home that matter most to you. Beyond the important emergency related events to protect your home, you can also immediately be sent videos of:
• Your kids getting home from school
• The garage door being left open
• See how your pets are doing

What else?
• Watch live video or recorded clips directly from your security video cameras
• Search your complete system event history to find video recordings (3,000 video clips are saved every month)

Home of Safety
Sector Alarm is an alarm company with over half a million alarms installed, in homes and businesses across Europe. We supply state of the art solutions when it comes to security and provide high quality and user-friendly products. We are constantly developing our alarm products, services and Alarm Receiving Centres to give our customers the best and fastest service imaginable. In that sense, Sector Alarm is truly a Home of Safety.
Sector Alarm