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Tessie — For your Tesla

by Tessie
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Tessie — For your Tesla

by Tessie
The most powerful software for Tesla owners and fleet managers.

Add driving and charging history, battery health measurement, an Apple Watch app, voice controls, alerts, live web access and more to your Tesla.

Plus, import your existing data from TeslaFi, Teslascope, TezLab and Teslamate.

Requires a subscription. Try it free for 14 days.


- Automatic and effortless driving history and analytics
- Detailed charging history and analytics with costs and more
- Parking history and battery drain tracking
- Control your Tesla live in your web browser
- Easy and powerful car automation
- Custom charging schedules
- Tire pressure visualization and alerts
- Real-time vehicle activity graphs and timelines
- Geofencing alerts for when your Tesla enters or leaves certain areas
- Smart alerts like if it's about to rain while windows are open
- Battery health monitoring
- Voice controls using Siri, Alexa and Google Home
- Home screen battery, status and control widgets
- iOS Shortcuts integration
- Google Home integration
- Alexa integration
- IFTTT integration
- Super powerful, super developer friendly API
- Drive history exports, complete with times, destinations and mileage for tax accounting and expensing
- Charging history exports with costs and more
- Export raw vehicle data

Tessie is built from the ground up for security using industry-leading best practices. Check out for details.

All data is 100% yours. View it, use it, export it, delete it.